So far in 2019

Well, as you can see if you look back on my last post, I have been back working since November of last year, and I haven’t written a post since then.

I guess that is the first lesson. I need to be more diligent about writing posts so everyone can stay up to date on what is happening!

Because, to be honest, SO much is happening.

I have taken on my sister as my apprentice.

I created my second piece at the Denver Aquarium.

I have been busy with murals, booking almost every weekend at this point.

Oh, and WE MOVED!

That’s right! I am not longer based out of Aurora. We have moved to our “raise our kids home” in Johnstown, Colorado!

We absolutely LOVE it here and are so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

So now that we are all officially caught up, this is the part where I make a promise to be better about updating my blog as projects happen, but I might not honestly do that, so I suggest, for the most recent and fairly regular updates, follow me on Instagram @myartiststouch

Talk to you all soon!



Hey everyone!

Mom and baby in hospital


So as some of you know, I took some time off to have my third baby, Owen Alexander. He was born July 13th, and was 9 lbs. 2 oz. and 21.5 inches long! My biggest child by far. It has been an adventure trying to find our new normal and adjusting to life playing zone parenting with my husband. Life had kind of settled down a bit and just this past month I have decided I am ready to get back to work!



Waterfall Mountain

Already since my return I have been super busy! So let’s start at the beginning with the updates. I was able to complete a mural project I have been working on for almost a year for the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. This project was very exciting to see actually go on the wall as I had been talking design and planning for so long!

I also participated in my first art showcase a couple of weeks ago, Ovation presented by RAW. It was held at the Church nightclub downtown. It was CRAZY to get ready for, but I learned so much and feel so much more prepared and excited to participate in my next one! 


RAW Ovation

We have also decided that it is time to move and have started packing our home. Our home, though full of love, is tight on space. We have no idea where we are going to end up, but we want to be ready when the right place shows up. Luck favors the prepared!

Told you it was a lot! Thank you everyone for sticking with me during my break, and now that I am back I am so excited to be making new connections and transforming space once again!

See you all soon!



Signet Exterior Mural in Cherry Creek North

Hello everyone!

I had the honor this weekend to work on a beautiful project for some really cool people in Cherry Creek North. Signet is an artisan jewelry and home products shop that will be opening early March, 2018. They commissioned me to create this mural outside of their store off of 3rd and Fillmore because it blends perfectly with their high emphasis of the value of non-production art.

There is nothing more meaningful or beautiful than a piece of art that is one-of-a-kind. You can feel all of the creative energy the artist poured into the piece. It speaks to you in a way that production art just cannot compete with. You can fall in love with it, and it can love you back.

This is what they are about, and I loved creating a piece that was for them. So many people stopped to see the mural and talk about it just in the two short days I was there. It was an awesome experience as most of my work up to this point has been done inside and I have been for the most part alone while I worked. This was a refreshing difference, and I LOVED it!

So here’s to this amazing project and to the amazing people I got to meet while I worked on it!


Project with my sister

There is nothing quite as special as being invited into someone’s space and asked to help transform that into a more authentic representation of who they are.

That only gets more special when that person is someone you already are connected to and care about. For me the last 2 weeks, that was my sister.

We stayed up super late, we jammed, we painted, we bonded.

It was a super special experience and we created some amazing art together! Head to the gallery to check out the Geometric Face and Triangles!


Downtown Aquarium

This last week I was honored to be able to create a piece at the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, CO. A previous mural had been water damaged and the drywall underneath had to be removed and replaced. I came in after hours and painted while beautiful sharks swam behind me!

This was extra special for me because my grandmother, who passed on in January of this year, absolutely LOVED the Aquarium. We have been there many times together and being there again allowed me to visit with her memories in a special way.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to create a piece of art, in memory of my grandmother, in a place so fondly remembered.

Thank you so much! And to my grandmother, wherever she may be, this one’s for you!