Astral Lovers

24×24 Oil on Canvas.

Inspired by a tale of two lovers whose ethereal souls became eternally connected through various incarnations on the tapestry of life, this piece speaks to the interconnectedness of the masculine and feminine. One cannot exist without the other, and as with all areas of our lives, imbalance leads to problems. Some even claim it is the source of all problems.

The divine balance in our world has been off for a long time now, and we are seeing the repercussions of that. But as the power of the feminine is being reclaimed, I worry that we are not searching for balance, but retribution. I hold that the way back to balance is through recognition and respect for both sides. By acknowledging the divine masculine and partnering with it, not waging war on it, we can work together to reestablish balance in our partnerships, our homes, and our world.