Wedding Rose

Excerpt from Wedding Band in Flowers- Acrylic on Canvas.

I got married on an Easter Sunday at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado. It was the only beautiful day during a two week span that year. As part of our ceremony, we exchanged red roses and vowed to make them symbolic in our relationship of the constant choice to choose love and “us” over whatever may come our way.

That day we promised that a gift of a single red rose would be a reminder of that vow. When we fight, or are hurt, or angry, or simply feeling a little distance, we leave a rose on the pillow of the other person for them to find. Finding that rose is a reminder, a peace offering, a statement that “us” is still the most important.

I have this rose hanging in my home to remind myself that lasting marriages are created by choosing Love every day, and that peace with your beloved can start with as little as a simple gift and gesture. My hope is that, as you hang this rose in your home, you are reminded of your love; reminded of the importance of playing on “Team Us” above anything else.