11×14 Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Inspired by a woman who is a coach for women who feel lost, this piece speaks to her keen intuition and vision. She is soft and feminine, and yet her gaze is strong and straightforward. She can see past your mask, and hold a vision for your future while you learn to believe it is possible yourself.

If this piece resonates with you, you are seeking clarity and vision. You may feel lost or distracted, pulled in too many ways or none at all. You may feel like a small boat alone at sea, or like a lost puppy, or like you are running on a hamster wheel. Anyway you describe it, it is the feeling of going nowhere. Of being stuck and alone. Lacking goals, vision, and a plan to get there. Hang this piece where you can see it in the morning. Use it to connect to your true VISION. To see yourself the way you want to be, with purpose, and moving towards that purpose every day.