Signet Exterior Mural in Cherry Creek North

Hello everyone!

I had the honor this weekend to work on a beautiful project for some really cool people in Cherry Creek North. Signet is an artisan jewelry and home products shop that will be opening early March, 2018. They commissioned me to create this mural outside of their store off of 3rd and Fillmore because it blends perfectly with their high emphasis of the value of non-production art.

There is nothing more meaningful or beautiful than a piece of art that is one-of-a-kind. You can feel all of the creative energy the artist poured into the piece. It speaks to you in a way that production art just cannot compete with. You can fall in love with it, and it can love you back.

This is what they are about, and I loved creating a piece that was for them. So many people stopped to see the mural and talk about it just in the two short days I was there. It was an awesome experience as most of my work up to this point has been done inside and I have been for the most part alone while I worked. This was a refreshing difference, and I LOVED it!

So here’s to this amazing project and to the amazing people I got to meet while I worked on it!