So far in 2019

Well, as you can see if you look back on my last post, I have been back working since November of last year, and I haven’t written a post since then.

I guess that is the first lesson. I need to be more diligent about writing posts so everyone can stay up to date on what is happening!

Because, to be honest, SO much is happening.

I have taken on my sister as my apprentice.

I created my second piece at the Denver Aquarium.

I have been busy with murals, booking almost every weekend at this point.

Oh, and WE MOVED!

That’s right! I am not longer based out of Aurora. We have moved to our “raise our kids home” in Johnstown, Colorado!

We absolutely LOVE it here and are so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

So now that we are all officially caught up, this is the part where I make a promise to be better about updating my blog as projects happen, but I might not honestly do that, so I suggest, for the most recent and fairly regular updates, follow me on Instagram @myartiststouch

Talk to you all soon!