Busy summer

Isn’t that always our excuse? Why didn’t you get this done (read: update your website and blog more often)? Well, I was busy…

So here’s the truth, I HAVE been busy, but that is no excuse to not keep up on sharing what I have been busy DOING!

This summer I spent almost a month painting the sides of a workshop in Windsor, CO, which was thankfully about 10 minutes from my house. There was a section above a covered patio roof that hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit by about 10 am. Super hot, but super fun to paint! I had a blast!

Sure Shot Corner

I also had the pleasure of painting at Quality Choice Dispensaries in Colorado Springs for 4/20! This piece is fluorescent, so it lights up under black lights which looks SO COOL. I was able to bring my sister, Faith, with me to work on this, which was so much fun! In true April in Colorado fashion, we had to overcome getting snowed out, white out conditions driving home once during the day and once at night, getting rained out, and sun so direct and hot we both had some amazing sunburns. #coloradoweather #youknowwhatImean

Colored Smoke

I have also registered by business officially, am now fully insured, and even have my sales tax license! You know what that means? Canvas art is now officially for SALE! You will be seeing posts announcing shows and galleries soon, so keep an eye out! If you are interested in any of my pieces, please fill out a contact form or message me via email or social media and I will get back to you shortly!

Bright Belly -$300

Other projects this summer have included:

Horse and Cowboy– Castle Rock Funeral and Cremation Services- Castle Rock, Colorado

This was a panel mural that was a recreation of a long standing piece marking this funeral home.

Horse and Cowboy

PetDine tails- PetDine- Fort Collins, Colorado

I did a couple of pieces here in the entryway and lounge area in the main office for PetDine, a pet treat manufacturer.

This is the view of the PetDine entryway mural through the conference room window.

Indian Landmarks– Serene Indian Cuisine- Denver, Colorado

This piece was created on a cinder block wall that was REALLY HARD TO MAKE STRAIGHT LINES ON. It’s a good thing I didn’t have to do anything straight or involving a rich cultural architectural design heavy on symmetry or this project would have been SUPER difficult and taken three times as long as I thought it would….*shifty eyes*

Serene Indian Landmarks

Friends– MidiCi DTC- Denver, Colorado

This piece was a whirlwind project created from first meeting to finish in about 16 hours. I was able to bring both of my sisters to this project, which was a total blessing due to the many setbacks including having to buy a brand new computer! But thankfully, we somehow pulled through and I love the result!

Friends- MidiCi

So there it is…the summer in one really freaking long blog post…I would like to promise that I will be better about updates…and that is my goal…but the truth of the matter is I am a working artist with 3 young children…so we shall see!

If you or anyone you know may be interested in having some custom art created in their space, please reach out to me! I would love to set up a free design consult to see if I can be of service!

Have a great day everyone!