About me

What to say about myself? I am an artist, mother of 3, and wife to an amazing man. He is truly my rock, my love, and my King. He is divine and being with him lights up my life.

I am dedicated. I am a lightworker and healer. I am not perfect. I am on my own path of life and learning. I am here to shine love on others. I love giving random compliments. I ride a motorcycle. I go down the slide at the pool. Sometimes I work out. Usually I don’t. I love swimming. I have many houseplants. Most of them have names and I love them. I like to crochet blankets. I love a clean house, but my creative space is exempt from that. I love reading, but have to wait to start a book until I can allow it to consume my life for a couple of days. I play Zelda with my kids. I watch my husband play Dark Souls and Rocket League.

I am who I am, and I look forward to meeting you as you are.

Love and Light,