Birth/Natal Charts

Custom Crystal Birth Charts -$888

Helping you connect to yourself

I am excited to announce this collaboration project with Georgia from Virgo Gems!

We have teamed up to create these beautiful Crystal Birth/ Natal Charts. We take your own birth information (Date, Time, and Place of Birth) and chart those coordinates on a 24″x24″ canvas. Crystals are intuitively hand-selected for you based on your chart information and guides. After all of that is done, a background is channeled for you to help you open to self-reflection and learning from the chart.

These charts are intended to be used for self-opening and self-reflection. We suggest you hang them somewhere meaningful to you. We have clients who have hung them in offices, bedrooms, alter spaces, and front rooms.

Contact either Virgo Gems or I to get more information on having a custom chart created for you!