Murals- Pricing guide

Hello! I am so glad you are interested in having us create a wonderful piece of artwork that will enhance your living space and bring a WOW! factor.

I have created this guide so you can get a quick understanding of how our pricing structure works.

Murals are priced per project based on four factors:

  1. size
  2. complexity
  3. location
  4. materials


The size of a mural is determined by the square footage. To get the sq. ft., multiply the width of the space by the height. In some instances this is an entire wall and in others it is only a portion of the wall.


As a general rule, the more complex the design, the longer it will take to create and the more per square foot will be charged. Designs can run as low as $15 a square foot up to $40. We will discuss complexity cost during your design consultation.


The location of the mural can make a huge difference as to how difficult it may be to paint on it. For example, brick is harder to paint on than drywall. Also, anything higher than 1 story requires either a ladder or scaffolding, which costs more and takes more time. There are a few location obstacles that may have a surcharge. This will be discussed at your consultation and on site visit.


Basically stated, certain materials cost more than others, and anything specific to your project will be included in your price. If there is anything major that affects your pricing, that will be disclosed to you.