Murals- Process Guide

We are so excited about getting to know you and helping you realize your vision during our time together! This is a guide to let you know what to expect as we start working together.

The process starts with YOU! You are the one with the idea, the dream, the vision. Without your spark, the process never starts!

The next step is setting up a FREE design consultation. During this meeting, which may be in person or on the phone, we will discuss a rough idea of what you are looking for, your intent for the project, your timeline, your budget, and your expectations. I will see if your project is a good match for me and if it is, we will set up an initial meeting.

At our initial meeting, we will be able to meet each other in person. Remember, art is energy, so it is very important to really jive with the person who will pouring their creative energy into your space. I will take exact measurements of your space and we will get into the next level of design discussions. I will also inspect the space for anything that may affect the finished product.

From here, we may have additional meetings or we may not. It is also possible to nail down our designs via virtual meetings, calls, emails, or texts. If your design is extremely time consuming, you may be asked to pay an initial design fee. Once we have a design nailed down, we will create a contract, take the down payment, and schedule the project to start.

From there, we give you a time frame for completion and try our hardest to work with you on scheduling.

At completion, you will have a window of time to inspect the work for anything you are not satisfied with.

I hope that answers some questions and we look forward to getting to know you through this process!